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2023-2024 Holiday Schedule

2023 Garbage Brochure

2024 Garbage Brochure

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The mission of the Solid Waste Utility is to provide high-quality solid waste collection and disposal services in a timely and effective manner to promote the safety and welfare of the City residents. 


In general, this division is responsible for the collection, management, and disposal of solid waste.  The Waste Department consists of 34 full-time employees working in two sections; waste collection and waste disposal.

The City of Bismarck contracts with Waste Management of ND, Inc.for collection, transportation and processing of residential recycling.  Single-sort curbside recycling is offered to single family and duplex homes.

Garbage and recycling must be set out by 6:00 am, at your collection point, on your scheduled collection day.  Garbage and recycling may be set out the evening before the collection day.  Crews will not return to an address that were not out in time for the initial collection.

Residential Garbage Collection

  • Garbage collection (weekly): Monday through Thursday from 6:00 AM until 4:30 PM.
  • No garbage collection on designated holidays. Garbage collection will be delayed one day throughout the remainder of the week.
  • Garbage must be set out at your collection point by 6:00 am on your scheduled garbage day  Garbage may be set out the evening before your collection day.
  • Garbage must be bagged inside the container.
  • Extra garbage must be bagged and must be placed 3-feet away from the city issued container and light enough for one person to lift.
  • Crews will not be return to an address where garbage was not out in time for the initial collection.
  • Animal waste must be placed in a plastic bag and sealed shut before placing into waste container.
  • Grass trimmings and yard waste must be bagged and placed into your garbage container. Any extra bags must be placed 3-feet away from the city issued container and light enough for one person to lift.   Please use the neighborhood yard drop sites. It is voluntary at this time; however, you are encouraged to use the sites whenever possible.
  • Branches are not allowed in the container. Branches must be bundled and tied, shorter than 4-feet in length and placed at least 3-feet away from the container. Bundles must be light enough for one person to lift.
  • Construction debris is not allowed in the container and will not be picked up by City crews. All waste generated by a contractor will be the responsibility of the contractor or occupant to dispose of at the landfill. Charges will apply.
  • It is unlawful for any person other than the owner or other authorized person, to remove any refuse material from the solid waste container, storage area, or collection point of another or from the city disposal grounds.
  • If a property is sold, the city-issued container remains with the property.

Placement and Use of Waste Containers

  • Place the city-issued container at the end of the driveway; 3-feet away from any other containers, extra garbage, light poles, signs, or mail boxes.
  • Place garbage container at least 3-feet away from the green/yellow recycling container.
  • The handle of the city-issued container must face the house.
  • Garbage containers cannot be stored on the boulevard
  • Alley pickup. Garbage cans must be placed within 3-feet of the alley along with any extra garbage.
  • Fill the city-issued container before placing any extra items outside the container.
  • Do not "pack" garbage into the city-issued container or garbage cans. Contents must fall freely when it is dumped.
  • Containers must be free of snow and ice and not blocked by parked vehicles or other items.
  • Private garbage containers cannot exceed 35 gallons.

Dumpsters: Large containers used at apartment buildings and complexes

  • Dumpsters must not be blocked by parked vehicles or other items.
  • Dumpsters must be free of snow and ice.
  •  It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow and ice around dumpsters.  In order to ensure that the waste is emptied during the winter months the snow and ice must be removed in front and around the container.  
  • The container must be moved a minimum of 7 feet from where it is setting in order to be emptied.  The waste collection crew must be able to maneuver the container in order to hook it up to the truck.

Unacceptable Garbage

  • Items will not be collected on the regular garbage route.
  • Items can be taken to the landfill for a fee.




Appliances & Electronics

Construction & Remodeling Debris


Box Springs and Matresses

Decks & Fences

Propane Tanks

Building Material




Furniture Items      



Hazardous Waste


Seasonal/Christmas Trees

  • Christmas Tree collection: January 2-11, 2024
  • Remove all lights, ornaments, and stands from the tree.
  • Make sure the tree is not wrapped in any plastic or placed inside a plastic bag.
  • Christmas trees will be picked up on the regular scheduled collection day
  • Christmas trees will be picked up at the regular collection point
  •  Apartment Complexes should set Christmas trees on the boulevard for collection.
  • Condos and Townhomes (3 or more units) should set Christmas trees on the boulevard for collection.
  • A separate truck will collect the Christmas trees to be recycled.

  1. Landfill

    Physical Address
    2111 North 52nd Street
    Bismarck, ND 58501


    Mailing Address
    PO Box 5503
    Bismarck, ND 58506-5503

    Fax: 701-221-6840

Commercial Haulers

Persons with a waste collection franchise granted by the Board of City Commissioners may collect garbage, rubbish or other solid wastes only from mobile home parks and all other locations other than residences and city facilities and convey such materials to the city landfill.

  • Armstrong Sanitation Plus and Roll-Off Inc.  701-663-8219
  • ECO Sanitation  701-204-8184
  • Raevin Inc. 701-471-5650
  • Trans Trash  701-663-5313
  • U Call I Haul, LLC  701-400-0266
  • Waste Management of North Dakota Inc.  888-964-9716