MPO Studies and Projects

Current Studies:

Arrive 2050 Forecast/Arrive 2050 MTP

2023 Transit Development Plan

Safe Routes to Services/Complete Streets Study

Recurring Studies: 

Recurring Studies displays the latest completed version of the study, replacing older versions as needed.  

Travel Demand Model & Socio-Economic Projections (TDMSE)Arrive 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)Pavement Conditions & Analysis Report
TDMSE Final Report Dec 2018 Opens in new windowFinal_BMMPO_MTP_04062020_opt Opens in new window2020 Pavement Conditions Opens in new window

Completed Studies:

East Main Avenue Corridor Study
Sunset Drive Corridor Study
Bismarck-Mandan Intersection Analysis Study
EMACS_Final_Report Opens in new windowSunset Drive Corridor Study_final report_r_mcc Opens in new windowBismarck-Mandan Intersection Analysis Study - Final Report Opens in new window

Appendix A Existing Conditions, Issues, and Needs Report

Appendix B Alternative Evaluation Report

Appendix C Public Engagement Summary

Study Website


Pedestrian and Bicycle Control Fact Sheets

Traffic Calming Fact Sheets

Traffic Control Fact Sheets

Highway 83 Alternatives Study
Bismarck-Mandan Regional Freight Study
Mandan Downtown Subarea Study
US 83 Alternatives Study Opens in new windowFinal Bismarck - Mandan Regional Freight Study Opens in new windowDowntown_Mandan_Subarea_Study_Final_Report Opens in new window

Appendix A Public Engagement Summary

Appendix B Existing Capacity Analysis Summary

Appendix C Market and Economic Analysis

Appendix D Year 2040 Capacity Analysis

Appendix E Alternative Cost Estimates

Bismarck-Mandan Bike-Ped Plan
Bismarck School Crossing Safety Study
Mandan School Crossing Safety Study
BMMPO bike Ped Plan Opens in new windowBismarckSSCS_120117 Opens in new windowMandanSSCS_111317 Opens in new window
Northeast Morton County Future Land Use Plan
Mandan & Bismarck Corridors Improvement Study
Burleigh County Future Land Use Plan (MPO Area Final Report)
NEMortonCountyFutureLandUsePlan Opens in new windowMandan-Bismarck Corridor Improvements_Page_001 Opens in new windowMPOBurleighFutureLandUsePlan) Opens in new window

Northeast Bismarck Subarea Study
Bismarck-Burleigh Fringe Area Road Master Plan
Mandan-Morton Fringe Area Road Master Plan
NE Bismarck Subarea Study Final Report Opens in new windowBurleigh Fringe Area Road Master Plan Opens in new windowMorton Fringe Area Road Master Plan Opens in new window

I-94 Corridor Study
Bismarck Downtown Subarea Plan
North Mandan Subarea Study
FINAL_BisMan I-94 Corridor Study Report_Compressed Opens in new windowDBSAS_FinalPlan Opens in new windowNorth Mandan Subarea Study Opens in new window

DBSAP Appendix - Table of Contents

DBSAP Appendix - Starting

DBSAP Appendix - Designing

DBSAP Appendix - Implementing

Executive Summary


43rd Avenue Corridor Study
Lincoln Road Corridor Study
Northwest Bismarck Subarea Study
43rd Ave Final Report Opens in new windowLincoln Road CD Opens in new windowNorthwest Subarea Study Report Final Opens in new window

Transit Management Study
Mandan Memorial Highway Corridor Study
Bismarck Traffic Signal Optimization/Coordination Study
Transit Management Study Opens in new windowMemorial Highway Corridor Study Opens in new windowBismarck Signal Optimization 2009 Opens in new window

Regional North-South Beltway Corridor Study
71st Avenue Corridor Study
Interstate & Bismarck Expressway Corridor Study
Regional North South beltway corridor Opens in new window71st - Centennial Final Report and Appendices Opens in new windowInterstate and Bis Expwy Corridor Study Opens in new window

Highway 83 Corridor Study
Lincoln/Bismarck Connection Study
Northern Bridge Corridor Study
US 83 Corridor Study Opens in new windowLincoln-Bismarck Final Report Opens in new windowNorthern Bridge Corridor Study Opens in new window

Northern Bridge Corridor Study Exhibits

Northern Bridge Corridor Preservation Area

Northern Bridge Corridor Right of Way Requirements