Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)


The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is the long range transportation plan for the MPO area.  It is a guide for the development of the area's transportation system over the next 20+ years. The MTP is required by federal regulations to be updated once every five years in order for the Bismarck-Mandan area to be eligible for federal transportation dollars for transportation improvements. The updates allow the MPO jurisdictions an opportunity to re-examine their values related to transportation, as well as provide an opportunity for the area to consider how their transportation system should look and function in the future.

The MTP addresses transportation system needs and provides a set of methods, strategies, and actions for developing an integrated multi-modal transportation system that supports the efficient movement of people and goods. The MTP considers all relevant modes of transportation in the area including pedestrians, bicyclists, automobile drivers, transit users, and freight shippers.

Active MTP

The 2020-2045 "Arrive 2045" Metropolitan Transportation Plan was adopted by the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization on March 17, 2020.  The Appendix to the final report is also available for viewing or downloading.


There are currently no amendments to the active MTP.

Proposed Amendments

There are currently no proposed amendments.

Administrative Modifications

Administrative Modification, June 2021