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Monday, October 5, 2015
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Interactive Map Gallery!!!

GIS Maps

Some of the maps listed below are in a PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.
You can also view other Map Gallery Resources.

Bismarck Community Map
Burleigh County
Voting Precincts

City Base Map 36 x 45

Zoning Jurisdiction Map 42 x 50

Four Mile Zoning Map 42 x 50

City Base 36 x 45
Bismarck city limits with streets and subdivisions

Zoning Jurisdiction 42 x 50
Burleigh County and Bismarck with zoning areas

Bismarck ETA Zoning Map 42 x 50
Four Mile ETA area includes zoning


Four Mile Base Map 42 x 50



Bismarck ETA Base Map 42 x 50
Four mile ETA area with streets and subdivisions

Street Map 30 x 30
Bismarck annexation boundaries with streets











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