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Thursday, July 28, 2016
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1. Where can I get my birth certificate?
2. What hours are the landfill open?
3. What is the telephone number for the Bismarck Post Office?
4. Are door-to-door sales allowed in residential areas?
5. What is the humane society telephone number?
6. What is the telephone number for the school district?
7. When and where does the City Commission meet?
8. Who do I talk to about parks and recreation concerns?
9. Who can run for mayor or commissioner?
10. How can we close a street for a neighborhood gathering?
11. Where do I get a dog/cat license?
12. What is a special assessment?
13. When does the city do its budget?
14. Where can I get a copy of the city budget?
15. What is the number for the Internal Revenue Service?
16. Who manages the parking garages?
17. What is the number for the Chamber of Commerce?
18. What is the number for Job Service?

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