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Posted on: May 27, 2011

[ARCHIVED] Flood Update May 27, 2011 11:00 am

Contact Numbers:
Stormwater and drainage ditch questions: 355-1700Private Sewer and Septic system questions: 355-1418
Propane or Fuel Tank questions: 355-1418 River bank erosion questions: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Office (701) 255-0015
Bismarck Parks and Rec 222-6455 www.bisparks.org

Sandbag Sites• Sandbag Central South – Northern Plains Commerce Center (1901 Northern Plains Drive) – open 24 hours a day. This site is being run by the Guard. Second machine is up and running
• Sandbag Central – Missouri Valley Complex (Fairgrounds), Bismarck Expressway Need MORE volunteers to fill sandbags. Site will be open 24 hours
• Volunteers should wear gloves and bring shovels if they have them.• Sibley Drive north of Briardale Subdivision will be relocating to 48th Avenue and Sibley Drive
• Ash Coulee Water Tower, West of Washington Street on Ash Coulee Drive • Santa Fe Avenue, Cottonwood Complex west of South 12th Street
• Whispering Bay Subdivision, Shoreline Circle• Ponderosa Park
• Hoge Island – New location at NW corner of Island Road and Burnt Creek Island Road• Two separate lines are being formed for traffic at the Missouri Valley Complex Sandbag Site. One line for trucks and a separate line for trucks with trailers. The approximately wait time is 1 ½ hours for trucks and up to 5 hours for trucks and trailers.

Sandbagging efforts of people in area protected by dikesWe are not denying sandbags to anyone, but please take into consideration your true need for sandbags. People that live within the protected area of the dikes being constructed may be using sandbags that could be used by people that are in an unprotected area and are in dire need of these sandbags.

Volunteers:• CAT bus will start providing transportation for volunteers from Kirkwood Mall to Sandbag Central North and South
• To ease the volume of traffic at sites, volunteers should meet in the southeast corner of the Kirkwood Mall parking lot (JC Penney wing) and use the CAT bus system. • Bus will run every 15-20 minutes starting at 06:00am - Midnight Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
• After midnight, Volunteers should call Taxi 9000 at 223-9000 for a no cost ride• Volunteers will be taken to the sandbag site where they are needed
• If need transportation to the pick-up point, CAT is providing free rides to the pick-up point at the mall – just tell the driver you are going to assist with sandbag operations• All volunteers must register before they can start working.
• Volunteers under age 18 must have a parental consent form signed. • Forms are online at www.bismarck.org and also available at the sandbag sites.
• Must be able to easily lift 35 pounds. Sandbags can weigh up to 35 pounds each.

ND National Guard• Operating Sandbag Central South and providing assistance with traffic and site control there
• Guard personnel are working the south side of Bismarck, providing technical advice on sandbag placement. • Assisting with traffic control in south side diking operations

Maps• The maps of the Missouri river have been updated. The current anticipated output is 105,000 CFS to release pressure on the dams. If the need to increase to the maximum output of 120,000 CFS, the new map resembles the water output at 120,000 CFS.
• N.D. Department of Emergency Services is working on a link for maps to post on DES, City of Bismarck, and Burleigh County websites. Expects to have the map link available late this afternoon.• Maps will be made available at Sandbag Central Sites – North and South – Later today

Road Closures• Listed on website• Be advised of a 4 way stop at the intersection of Washington Street and Burleigh Ave. until further notice.
• Washington Street – closed at Wachter Avenue. Billings Drive and Munich Drive closed

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE• If calling about a road with water over the top, refer to Highway Department or City Public Works.
• The portion of Riverwood Drive between Riverwood Golf Course and the Pier Restaurant is now CLOSED to local traffic. Residents of the Southport and Fox Island area can access their homes from the south, using Tavis Road and Mills Avenue.

Dakota Media Access• Running “how to” videos regarding sandbagging, septic systems, and sump pumps.
http://burleighco.com/departments/missouri/Look toward the bottom of the page

Insurance Coverage• Talk to your local agent regarding what is and isn’t covered in your policy.

Shelter• Red Cross is on standby.
• A shelter has been setup at Horizon middle School for people that need to evacuate. Blankets and cots are provided however please bring your own pillow, personal hygiene items and medications. Other things to consider to bring:o Important paperwork
o Picture ID’so A list of Emergency phone numbers and important contact numbers to include your doctor and pharmacies.
o Only certified service animals are allowed. Bring proper paperwork and proper items for your service animal.

• Extended stay personnel can be accommodated at Bismarck State University in Lindstrom Hall. 1330 Edward Ave. Cost is $15 for a single room or $20 for a double. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is available Monday – Friday. Sheets and towels will be provided if needed.

Water Use• No mandatory restrictions yet, but residents are advised to limit water use
Private Dikes and Sandbagging• Homeowners are asked to place sandbags and protective barriers on private property only. DO NOT places and bags or protective barriers on roadways or public right of away.
• Please DO NOT run your sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system as the system may become overfilled

Drainage Ditch/Dikes• Water issues at Kiwanis Park and Basin Avenue are being monitored and have been deemed not a threat at this time.
• Drainage ditch at Washington Street – gate closed and water is being pumped. Levels in drainage ditch did lower overnight. • Earthen dike built last night from Galleon place to Riverwood drive, Mills Ave to Traynor Lane – this dike can be driven on, but may be reduced to one lane
• Right now - Hesco Barrier diking system is being built from the Pier Restaurant north to the Welcome to Bismarck sign by Bismarck Expressway. Being built on the west side of Riverwood drive. Working from Expressway south – 1800 feet done last night, remaining 1200 feet will be done today. Riverwood drive remains closed during this construction. Open to truck traffic ONLY…. Residents must access this area via Tavis Road. • Right now – construction continues on an earthen dike from Traynor Lane west to the entrance of Whispering Bay on Mills Avenue. Once that’s done, the gap will be closed to make it one dike. This will NOT cut off traffic to Fox Island
• Right now - Corps of Engineers building a dike on the walking path from the horse arena and archery range on Riverwood Drive to behind the homes on Munich Drive.

Dakota Zoo • Making preparations to evacuate animals and protecting areas with sandbags.
• Will take about three days to evacuate

Emergency Notification System Registration for cell phones can be registered at www.bismarck.org Combined Communications Department. Only URGENT Emergency notices such as evacuations will be relayed. Call center has taken calls from some who want to register their phones, but don’t have computer access. People at the call center can register for them: • You’ll find the form at www.bismarck.org.
• On the left hand side, toward the bottom, click on “Wireless Phone Registration”. • That brings up a screen with three paragraphs of information read those to the caller, then click continue.
• The next screen is the form. Get the info from the caller, and click submit… and he/she is registered.

Law Enforcement Update:• Citizens are asked to stay away from areas along the river. Their neighbors, friends and family are working to protect their property. Unnecessary traffic impedes progress and causes public safety hazards.• 48 hour street parking time limits have been lifted at this time until further notice.
• Military personnel are directing traffic at some intersections, please drive careful and be alert.

Evacuation Planning • No mandatory evacuations are taking place at this time. • Conditions are being closely monitored and plans are in place in the event evacuations become necessary, notification will be given to affected residents.
• People who have concerns about threats from flooding that may cause a need for their evacuation should make personal preparations. • These preparations should include where to go, what belongings to take, what to do with any pets, and properly securing their property upon leaving.
• Plans are currently in the process to assist in an animal shelter for evacuees. • If you evacuate your property, please turn off the electricity and call the Flood Hotline at 355-1659 and let officials know that you have evacuated your residence.
• If you are evacuating and your breakers are now under water, DO NOT attempt to turn them off. Call your electric company to have them turn off the power to your residence.

Weather• Scattered rainfall is expected for Friday & Saturday
• Significant rainfall is expected on Monday.

Food Donations• If you would like to donate food do workers, you can drop them off at the Salvation Army, located at 601 South Washington Street between 08:30 and 05:00. Please bring cookies, bars, and breads. No cream filled items please.

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