Posted on: April 20, 2017

Bismarck Mayor Seminary Responds to Questions

Today Mayor Mike Seminary met with local members of the media to be available to respond to questions. Approximately 15 people were in attendance. Mayor Mike Seminary began by thanking the media and those attending for their patience as he had a full schedule earlier in the week and was available to respond to questions today.

Mayor Seminary explained that he met early in the week with the Metropolitan Planning Organization making decisions about how the City spends money for infrastructure. He went on to describe meetings with Congressman Cramer and Senator Tom Campbell about how to find better ways to be efficient with transportation infrastructure not just in Bismarck but across the state and how that might impact President Trump’s transportation bill, about how that impacts the State legislature with decisions that are made locally. Mayor Seminary added that he also attended a Bismarck Mandan Development Association meeting where they discussed infrastructure earlier in the week.

The Mayor then drove across the state to meet with people in Fargo – elected officials talking about how they fund infrastructure, including the use of special assessments. Mayor Seminary said he learned that they all have similar challenges – the reduced availability of revenues for multiple reasons and how they’re all working to figure that out.  “What’s really great about all of this, is that while all of this is happening, Bismarck is still a destination place. We just had this incredible Livability Summit.  We are rated nationally in one poll after another.  All of that happens because of great teamwork, great leadership and intentional, dedicated planning both from elected folks and staff,” said the Mayor. Seminary said that he didn’t think for one minute about the “recallers” wanting to turn their petitions in.  He said, “that’s just another step in the process, there are many to go.”  

Mayor Seminary responded to questions from the media about his first three years as Mayor and how he’s performed. “The City of Bismarck continues to be highly rated. We have people that generally speaking, love what is happening here. I’m not going to make everyone happy. I get that. I didn’t run to make everybody happy.  This is a remarkable place and from what I hear, most people want to make sure that we keep that moving forward. When you have momentum, which we do, it’s dangerous to ever stop that. This is great place to live,” said Mayor Seminary. “Why do I do this?  I love Bismarck, I love the people I serve, even the people who don’t like me, and that’s how as a team we keep moving forward to keep this place attractive for everybody.”

Mayor Seminary said, “I’m determined to just keep moving forward.  We have the infrastructure task force that will give us a report, we’ve put together the special assessment task force, we have the Livability Summit that gave us information to use to tee up for strategic planning – we have a lot on our plate and we’re very busy, and it’s all to make sure that Bismarck continues to be the destination place of choice, not just for people who want to live here but for people want to visit here.” 

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