Community Development


The Community Development Department has three divisions - Building Inspections and Planning - and is overseen by the Director of Community Development. The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is also part of the Community Development Department and the Director of Community Development serves as the Executive Director of the MPO. 
The City of Bismarck's Community Development Department has planning, zoning and building inspection authority within the City of Bismarck and its extra-territorial area (ETA).

On January 1, 2014, a revised extra-territorial area (ETA) boundary for the City of Bismarck went into effect (map). This ETA boundary was negotiated between the City and Burleigh County. The City also has a negotiated ETA boundary with Apple Creek Township and Naughton Township and is in the process of negotiating an ETA boundary with Missouri Township. The City of Bismarck continues to have planning, zoning and building inspection authority within the ETA boundary.

In addition, as of January 1, 2014, Burleigh County discontinued its contract for planning and building inspection services with the City of Bismarck. The Burleigh County Building/Planning/Zoning Department can be reached at (701)221-3727.

Resources & Information

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