1. Food Service Critical Items

    Find out how to start a food establishment in Bismarck and how to apply for a food service license.

  2. Fingerprinting

    Find out where you can get your fingerprints taken and what guidelines there are.

  3. How to Start a Business

    Find useful links on how to start a business in Bismarck.

  4. Safely to School

    Watch a video of the Bismarck Police Department talking about what motorists can do to assure that children get safely to school.

  5. Share the Road Pilot Project

    In an effort to create a diverse transportation system that accommodates all modes of travel, the Metropolitan Planning Organization strives to plan safe reliable transportation infrastructure for all residents, whether they walk, bike, drive, or use transit.

  6. Vote

    Find out when and where local elections are held and guidelines on a petition.