Bismarck Streets

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Road construction season in Bismarck typically runs from May to November. Bismarck street crews and contractors work diligently to complete all scheduled projects during this short season and any unexpected projects that may arise.

In the spring, the freeze-thaw cycle can create a bumpy ride for drivers as the road surface expands and contracts creating pot holes. Crews can begin filling some of them with a temporary “cold mix” early in the season and then replace it with permanent “hot mix” filler when the temperature warms up.
During the summer months, the more in-depth projects get underway such as replacing roads and the infrastructure beneath them. These tasks can take several months to complete.
By October, most scheduled road work is completed. In some cases, remaining construction work will be completed the following spring.
Please check this site frequently for updates on Bismarck street projects.
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Flashing yellow left-turn signals at intersections 
Traffic Signal Operations 

Construction Project Information

2017 Construction Projects
I-94 Project 2017

Special Assessment District Information

SI-504  North Washington Street Reconstruction
SI-505  2016 Hard Surface Reconstruct
SI-506  2016 Asphalt Resurfacing (North)
SI-507  2016 Asphalt Resurfacing (South)
SI-508  2016 Concrete Pavement Repair
SI-509  2016 City Wide Street Lighting Project
SI-512  2017 Hard Surface Reconstruct
SI-513  2017 Asphalt Resurfacing 
SI-514  2017 Concrete Pavement Repair
SI-515  2017 City Wide Street Lighting Project