Downtown Programs


The Planning Division administers the City’s two downtown programs – the Renaissance Zone program and the CORE Incentive Grant program – and serves as staff support for the Renaissance Zone Authority. The Division also administers the downtown design review process, which is required for any exterior façade or signage changes on properties within the Downtown Core (DC) and Downtown Fringe (DF) zoning districts.

Resources & Information

Renaissance Zone Authority
Renaissance Zone Program
Bismarck Renaissance Zone Development Plan
CORE Incentive Grant Programs
2015 Downtown Design Guidelines

Downtown Zoning Districts
Downtown Design Review
Downtown Sign Regulations (Chapter 4-04)

Renaissance Zone Boundary Map
CORE/TIF Boundary Map
Downtown Parking District Boundary
Bismarck Historic District
Downtown Sign District
Downtown Sign Regulations
Quiet Rail Zone Assessment Summary (2007)

For additional information on downtown programs and projects, contact Daniel Nairn.